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What is Classmint?

Classmint helps to score well in exams and life through research-proven learning techniques like Cornell Notes, Flashcards, Active Recall and timely repetition of study notes.

Create interactive, audible, annotatable and beautiful study notes that can be folded like paper.
Maintain study list to aid in timely repetition of study notes.

Used in 100s of schools around the world within 5-6 months of launch.

Students/Teachers can keep their notes private or publish them.

It works in web browsers on Windows, MacBooks, Chromebooks and iPads.

Save trees as you choose to use less paper.


thankyou for that (classmint) it mean a lot to me this year i am going to get A`s and B`s

- Andrew Dantrell (

Classmint is really helpful for me during lectures! :)

- Kruti (An Environmental Science student at Singapore)

Thank you for creating Classmint.
I'm a huge fan of your product and I use it everyday to prepare for an exam.

- Elisha Santos (A student using Classmint for exam preparation)

I love the new pdf export feature and your product in general. Would also love to see a Login with Google button. Great Product.

- Rory McDaniel (School Teacher and Technical Coordinator at Anderson, South Carolina)

Thank you very much. I have tested it on my PC using IE and Firefox and on my iPad and it is working in all 3 places now. This should be a huge help for my son and if it works well with him, I will recommend it to his Bio teacher that insists on everything being done in Cornell Note format and the school's assistive technology teacher. Thanks again.

- Lucie (Mother of a student using Classmint)

Hello I am a post grad with a masters in medical physics. I work for a consulting firm and travel extensively. I think your service is the perfect way to manage my notes online to study and prepare for my board exams. I love that you can fold the page and do review sessions online (no one does that).

- Erik Dick (post grad student using Classmint for managing study notes online, USA)

Learn by Creating

Classmint notes feature the ability to add complex math, computer code, images, explain notes with text and image annotations to help create a note that you would love to study with.
Note Editor

Organize Notes

Add a Subject or Class to your note and Classmint will create folders by subject automatically. So, you can always stay organized. Better organization will bring better results.
Note Editor

Timely Repetition

The service automatically keeps track of notes to be studied in a separate study list. Classmint notes are built to emulate the popular Cornell Notes format. Students can digitally fold the notes like paper and recall concepts.

Study List

Text Annotations

Classmint explanations are public annotations. They help understand individual components of the note thoroughly and help you gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter. Students/Teachers can explain Text or Images. Text Explanation

Image Annotations

Image explanations reveal information based on your interaction. It's an engaging experience.
Image Explanation

Learn by Listening

Notes can be played like Flashcards in an audio-visual player. Students can learn concepts by reading and listening to the study material via text-to-speech.

Notes Player

Study Anywhere

Classmint Team is working on building Mobile Apps that offers an awesome studying experience on the go. Launching early 2015.

Convert to Cornell Notes

Classmint can import most popular document formats as Cornell Notes. Create a New Note and click on Import button. It's easy.

Export Cornell Notes

We've received numerous requests for exporting awesome Cornell Notes as PDF. So, We have built the export feature. One can easily export a published note as shown here.


Classmint is a freemium service.
We aim to keep this site free and ad-free forever.
We may support this venture by selling mobile apps and games in future.